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Auto Insurance

The Auto Insurance Dashboard was designed as an executive dashboard for A9 Insurance. Its goal is to provide critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) information to A9’s executives in a high level summary.

Upon first opening the dashboard the Written Premium tab appears. On this tab the different coverage types are displayed based on their written premiums. The current year’s total is compared to prior years in the top combination chart. That information is then sliced by vehicle type and year in the bottom line chart.

Once that information has been viewed, the executive can then proceed to the Earned Premiums tab. This tab shows the earned premium summary for each month in the top column chart, and the bottom column chart divides that information by vehicle type. The toggle button can be activated to display data in a scorecard, based on the executive’s preference.

Tab number three indicates the Losses incurred by claim type. The executive can select a claim type to view the different losses, and then drill into that information via the Losses YTD pie chart. When a slice of the pie chart is selected the specific form of loss is then dissected by vehicle type in the line chart at the bottom of the tab.

The Reinstatements tab provides the executive with the ability to compare different pay plans. The executive can select multiple pay plans and compare them against each other based on their number of reinstatements and the number of days lapsed between reinstatements.

The Vehicle Count tab delivers information regarding the number of vehicles associated with each pay plan. The executive can select a pay plan and compare the number of vehicles registered this year vs. the prior year.

The Driver Counts tab offers the executive a view of A9’s registered drivers vs. their targeted number. The United States map is color coded to show the percentage of the target for each state. The executive can then select a state to view specific information related to actuals vs. forecast and the gender breakdown of the drivers registered within the state.

This Xcelsius Dashboard enables the executives of A9 Insurance to view their KPI’s in a quick and easily consumable way. The six different tabs provide the executives with the information they need to ask questions and make decisions for their business.


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