Cholesterol Dashboard

The cholesterol dashboard was designed to monitor and compare cholesterol statistics from the national level down to the patient level. This powerful dashboard allows health care professionals to analyze trends and uncover new insights about cholesterol trends at various levels.

Dr. Smith is a Cardiologist in Phoenix, AZ and wants to see the statistics on a patient he plans to see this afternoon, Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee has not been taking his cholesterol levels very seriously and Dr. Smith finds it necessary that Mr. Lee change his diet to prevent future problems associated with high cholesterol.

Dr. Smith starts by noticing the different colors on the map, which represent the cholesterol level of that state to the national average. With Arizona being green, he understands that it is a state with healthy cholesterol levels compared to the rest of the US. By selecting the state Arizona from the map he is able to see the percentages as compared to the national average by both gender and age. Mr. Lee is 38, which worries Dr. Smith because as the graph shows, cholesterol typically increases between the ages of 40 and 60. Dr. Smith also notices that of the people in Mr. Lee’s age group with high cholesterol, 81% are male. Dr. Smith finds that this information will be helpful in warning Mr. Lee of the dangers.

Dr. Smith than selects his hospital, Arizona State Hospital (ASH) from the list of Arizona Hospitals. This list also provides a statistic of the percentage of patients at ASH that require surgery. The selection populates a monthly breakdown by showing the percentage of patients by gender, percent of patients over the last two months with high cholesterol, and the percent of patients over the last two months that were first time visitors. Dr. Smith finds this information very useful to analyze the trends of his hospital.

Dr. Smith than chooses ASH from the drop down in the patient cholesterol level analysis tool. He also selects his name from the list of doctors and Mr. Lee’s name from the list of patients. This tool not only shows the increase over the last two months in the different cholesterol areas for Mr. Lee, but also shows that Mr. Lee has a risk of 35% that a surgery related health issue will occur because of the cholesterol issue. Dr. Smith feels that this information will help him to show Mr. Lee the risk and the importance of a new diet.

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