Benefits of BusinessObjects

SAP Business Objects BI provides proven user-friendly business intelligence applications designed with the modern business user in mind. These tools allow organizations to manage their Enterprise Reporting requirements, from report formatting and visualization to ad-hoc queries on relational or multidimensional data sources. SAP BusinessObjects is a BI platform that enables users to make better, timely, data-driven business decisions.

Data Insight

Ad-hoc queries and robust data analysis allow business users to obtain a deeper insight with little or no effort regardless of database platform complexity.

Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO)

Decreased costs of acquisition, implementation and operation are realized through a highly integrated BI platform and award-winning service-oriented architecture (SOA)

Business intelligence productivity

Providing the ability for business end-users to define information needs, create queries and analyze shared data decreases the reliance on your organization’s IT department.

Increased operational stability and efficiency

A powerful business intelligence framework facilitates the inter-relationship and visualization of business data for management to make positive operational and financial decisions.

SAP BusinessObjects BI is a scalable and flexible business intelligence platform to fit your budget and needs. Businesses and organizations can arrange a risk-free trial to determine their suitability to manage and optimize their business intelligence.