Components of SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects BI (also known as SAP BO, BOBJ and Business Objects) is an enterprise software solution that specializes in reporting and analytical business intelligence (BI). It comprises various SAP applications that help the users find data, conduct analytics, and generate reports.

The major components of SAP BusinessObjects are as follows:

  • Reporting
  • Data Discovery and Visualization
  • Application and Dashboard Building
  • Deployment and Administration

Structure of SAP BusinessObjects

SAP BusinessObjects is constructed of 4 process layers:

  • The Core – inherent data is represented as a kernel.
  • Integrity Layer – comprised of the data business rules and constraints (business logic).
  • Interface layer – defines the implementation and structure of the data and how stakeholders interact with it.
  • Access layer – controls external data access (sharing functionality)

These components in SAP BusinessObjects work together to help stakeholders upload spreadsheets, import different data sources and explore them with the software’s unique browse and search capability.