BI Dashboard Awards 2020 Show Sign of the Times

Wow – June just zoomed by for me. That had a lot to do with it being the month we did our final preparations and delivery of our first ever SpeakBO Experience Live Virtual Event. A whole week of amazing immersion in the best of BusinessObjects – customer case studies, tips and tricks, best practices and the 2020 BI Dashboard Awards.

As one attendee so aptly put it, “It’s incredible to see how people use their creativity to leverage their current tools.”

Nowhere was that more obvious than in the presentation by Mitsubishi Motors showing their Web Intelligence Executive dashboard that won the 2020 Most Valuable Dashboard award.

This dashboard came about because Mitsubishi was moving its headquarters from California to Tennessee and would no longer be able to physically print and deliver the daily sales and activity reports that the executives religiously analyze every day. The reports were already produced in BusinessObjects Web Intelligence but exported and printed in PDF.

The business and IT collaborated to replace these reports with an enhanced solution in the form of a visualized dashboard and decided to do this in Web Intelligence. They had to make it easy to use and intuitive and at the same time fully inclusive of all the detail and key trends that the Executives expected and needed. This was no simple task and while they were able to be incredibly creative with Web Intelligence itself, they also learned the importance of design.  They not only managed to use almost every feature that Webi offers, but they made their Executives dance for joy with the resulting dashboard.

Donnie Jobe from Mitsubishi presents their Executive dashboard that won the 2020 InfoSol Most Valuable Dashboard award

While the Mitsubishi dashboard was a great example of creatively leveraging the tools they had in place during these challenging times, Tenet Health/USPI used their existing dashboard tools to help deal with an important aspect of the COVID-19 crisis they encountered and deservedly won the 2020 Limitless BI Dashboard Award for their efforts.

With the sudden COVID-19 pandemic came the need for near real time analytics around data that Tenet/USPI did not have in their current data warehouse. This was information strictly around Employees, Nurses treating COVID-19 patients, Operating Room utilizations and constantly changing inventory levels of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and important drugs.

They needed to see this data sliced by regions and markets with the ability to drill to facility level. Since the data was not in the data warehouse or any other central database, the quickest solution was to create “Input forms” that they placed on their intranet that facility administrators would update every night. The results would feed directly into custom data tables that they built a Squirrel interactive dashboard around.

The purpose was to provide this very important information in a very easy to understand and consumable way and use the Portal everyone is already very familiar with. They ended up with a COVID-19 dashboard that not only meets the current needs but will continue to evolve every few weeks as new data becomes pressing for the business. They can quickly modify the input forms, add results to the tables, and modify and enhance the dashboard within a day.

The dashboard has already had immediate benefit to both materials management and clinical operations.  They have been able to identify centers and hospitals with low level of PPE and redirect allocations to those sites as well as to track and trend positive COVID cases and employee exposures across the organization.

When there was a short supply of small N95 masks, the dashboard helped identify who had the lowest amount and redistribute the masks.

This year’s Best Business Dashboard award went to Baylor, Scott & White Medical Center (BSWMC) in Texas for their Patient Status Dashboard – also developed in Squirrel.

Nobody likes waiting in a hospital lobby but, worse still, is waiting without knowing when you will be admitted and when your procedure will start. BSWMC addressed this with a very creative Patient Tracker dashboard displayed and refreshed every couple of minutes on a large TV screen in their main lobby. The patient status can be immediately seen along with the time they will be admitted and when the actual procedure is scheduled to start.

When the patient checks in at the reception desk in the lobby, the information is immediately updated on the dashboard. If the patient has not been admitted after 10 minutes, an automated message is sent to the receptionist who can quickly identify if there has been any unexpected delay and will, regardless, go talk to the patient to let them know that they are aware they have been waiting and their status.

Patient Tracker at BSWMC Registration. Monitoring Wait Times/Alerts sent when wait times are longer

The patient status boards are pivotal to patient experience and overall satisfaction as these boards also inform the family member of the current location of their loved ones.

Additional dashboards for the medical staff are also available within their areas and all the dashboards are feeding off the same data sets and so are synchronized.

BSWMC has seen a measurable improvement in patient satisfaction because of the deployment of the patient tracker dashboard.

All three award winning dashboards were just fantastic and all great examples of making use of the tools you have. With these challenging times we all find ourselves in right now, this gives me great hope and I look forward to many more innovative dashboard solutions in the coming months.

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