Celebrating BusinessObjects for the Next Decade

Wow – here we are in a brand-new decade and it’s the 2020’s. Now if this decade turns out anything like its predecessor 100 years ago – the 1920’s – then we are in for a fun time!


The “roaring 20’s”, as they were known, was a time in Western culture of economic growth, exuberance and social change. I like the exuberance part and I am already so excited about this decade because of the up and coming new release of BusinessObjects – BI 4.3.

Seeing an early version in action at last year’s IBIS conference and now seeing the beta, BI 4.3 promises to be as revolutionary and disruptive as the “roaring 20’s” and it will definitely continue to evolve and remain influential for the entire decade.


Now when the first release comes out mid-year there will be the usual bugs and missing pieces but most BusinessObjects customers are well-versed in waiting at least a couple of service packs before looking to upgrade. This is also an opportune time to install the new release on a sandbox server and start to play with it and get familiar the radically new user interface and features.

So, this year’s IBIS 2020 conference will have both a “roaring 20’s” theme and will have hands-on training for the new BI 4.3 release. In addition, it will have a lot of hands-on training for BusinessObjects and Web Intelligence 4.2 which we foresee most customers continuing to use for the next couple of years.

IBIS has become the one annual event where the BusinessObjects community gathers to both learn and exchange their knowledge on their favorite BI solution.

SAP is also super excited about BusinessObjects BI 4.3 and they will be a Platinum sponsor of this year’s event.

In addition to hands-on boot camps on BI 4.3Webi 4.2Building Dashboards in Webi nicely broken up into 2-hour standalone modules, there will be 90 seminar sessions in five different tracks including BusinessObjects Administration and Universe DesignBI ReportingBI Dashboards and Data VisualizationInfoBurstCustomer Case studies and BI innovations.

This year, IBIS will also introduce a special Dashboard Design clinic where you can bring your existing dashboard and sit down with a bunch of visualization design experts to transform it on the spot. These clinics will be around an hour each so be sure to book a slot in advance.

By popular demand, IBIS will also offer BusinessObjects expert certifications and you can take the exams while attending the conference.

There will also be a test drive area this year so you can try out new BI tools and solutions including Squirrel (replacement for Xcelsius), InfoBurst Tab (BO-Tableau integration) and Web Intelligence 4.3.

If that’s not enough there are also optional hands-on training workshops and booth camps before and after the conference. The choice this year for 1-day workshops includes:

The 2-day boot camps include

However, the best thing about IBIS for me is the amazing people I meet there every year and the equally amazing things I find out they are doing with BusinessObjects. I learn so much.

Anyway, I’m ready for the “roaring 20’s” and if you want to be too be sure to attend IBIS 2020.


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