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InfoBurst Features

InfoBurst offers a robust set of features allowing for tremendous control over report bursting, publishing and delivery.

Business Objects Integration

Supports multiple connections to BusinessObjects XI systems at the same time

  • Does not require any BusinessObjects client software to operate (to support DeskI single-pass bursting the client is required)
  • Powerful platform queue to precisely control throughput based on document type (for example allow more WebI concurrent processing than DeskI)


  • Burst concept to group multiple documents of any type together for processing
  • Multi-pass and Single-pass report bursting for WebI and DeskI reports
  • Multi-pass report bursting for Crystal reports
  • Burst processing modes, InSequence or InParallel for greater throughput (InParallel will process documents in a Burst concurrently)
  • Burst delivery modes to control when reports are delivered (immediate or at end)
  • Prompt resolution via macro, external file or database query
  • Powerful parameter macros to handle dates and bursting context
  • Multi-column Excel files are supported for prompt values or email address lookup
  • Ability to use a database query or built-in MultiColumn List to supply multiple prompt or filter values
  • Ability to create one or more alias values for report prompts (use during delivery with macros or help to resolve database column name mapping when using an external parameter source)
  • Custom Excel based calendar (fiscal calendar) can be associated with any Burst and values can be used during delivery (to customize paths or names)

 Publishing & Delivery

  • Network Share/FTP/WebDAV delivery with auto-creation of complex folder structures
  • Report-tabs can be selected for DeskI and WebI and re-combined into a single .pdf delivery
  • Rich content Email delivery of any report type with navigation and table of contents (for example it is possible to deliver either a complete WebI multi-tab report or selected tabs of multiple reports in a single email)
  • Email consolidation options to delivery multiple attachments or in-line content
  • Email CC and BCC support
  • Email attachments can be compressed to save on message size


  • Scheduler with support for once/daily/weekly/monthly plus every # mins/hours/days
  • Schedule priority controlled by group membership allows higher priority jobs to run first when a queue exists waiting for a resource
  • External event support to watch for files and database queries
  • Actions such as SendEmail, RunCommand or SetTrigger can be assigned to start/end/abort of Burst or Schedule


  • Detailed run-time log of every burst execution showing step by step each task with full details of parameters and exceptions
  • Audit information showing who did what and when (if an object such as a Burst has been changed you can see who changed it)
  • Burst alert via Email if abort detected (containing full log of Burst execution)
  • Document history functions to track document processing and delivery


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