Night Skies Event at IBIS 2023

NASA Solar System Ambassador Mark Johnston is back to share the wonders of the night sky at IBIS 2023.  He will be using a powerful telescope to capture distant galaxies, nebulae and stars and sending their light to a large TV so guests can see them live and in color.  We will also be able to zoom in on the first quarter Moon and see close up views of craters and mountain ranges. He will have a powerful laser to point out constellations and satellites, and there will be some NASA stickers for the kids. Mark will also bring meteorites so you can see and touch something older than the Earth.  We will get underway after it’s fully dark around 8:30PM.

Mark Johnston is a NASA Solar System Ambassador, award-winning astrophotographer, certified cruise ship speaker on astronomy and space science, and board member of the Phoenix Astronomical Society. He has led over a thousand public star parties sharing the night sky, and presented to audiences in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and even the Antarctic.  You learn more about him and see his astrophotography on his website at, and follow him on social media @azastroguy.

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