SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 Course and Training

Infosol has developed new Web Intelligence BI 4.3 hands-on courses that will be launched and offered at IBIS 2021 in June.

This includes a 1-day WEBI 4.2 TO WEBI 4.3 DIFFERENCES – MASTERING THE NEW WEBI 4.3 USER INTERFACE hands-on course for experienced Webi 4.2 developers that covers all the key differences while helping attendees to become familiar (and even love) to new interface!

There will also be a brand new 3-day  USING WEBI 4.3 LIKE A PRO hands-on course as part of IBIS itself which will be perfect for both new users to Web Intelligence as well as seasoned WEbi developers to really immerse themselves in the new workflows and functionality of Webi 4.3.

This year’s IBIS 2021– the one and only SAP BusinessObjects dedicated conference – will feature both sessions and hands-on training for both BI 4.2 and BI 4.3 so it is the perfect place to start your planning for upgrading to BI 4.3. Hope to see you there!

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