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InfoBurst Dash

Leverage the power of BusinessObjects Dashboards with InfoBurst Dash – because life is too short to struggle. InfoBurst Dash = Dashboards Unleashed XDC turbocharges your dashboard performance, access, and scalability Strong enough to handle millions of rows of data Smart enough to allow data from multiple sources Versatile enough to …

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United Educators Case Study

United Educators (UE), otherwise known as “Education’s Own Insurance Company”, understands the unique risks involved with education better than anyone. It is a licensed insurance company owned and governed by more than 1,160 member colleges, universities, independent schools, public school districts, public school insurance pools, and related organizations throughout the …

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Rural Metro Case Study

The data came from a variety of different applications and data sources, including manual spreadsheets, and needed to be consolidated into meaningful performance indicators and delivered to both the corporate SharePoint portal and as an in-line email to a number of different mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Blackberries.

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InfoBurst® – Pushing the Real Value Out of BusinessObjects

Pushing the Real Value Out of BusinessObjects Business Intelligence is about timing – getting the right information to the right destination in the right format at the right time. That’s why InfoBurst supports thousands of BusinessObjects users around the world. InfoBurst Delivers: In memory dashboard data caching (connected and offline) Intelligent …

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Dynamic Business Intelligence Dashboard Creation and Bursting

InfoBurst Dash is a solution for creating , bursting, distributing, publishing and viewing dynamic Business Intelligence dashboards for visualizing your data and metrics real-time or offline. InfoBurst Dash provides: A unique intelligent caching capability that allows a dashboard to access large amounts of data fast A unique dashboard bursting functionality so …

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