Dynamic Business Intelligence Dashboard Creation and Bursting

InfoBurst Dash is a solution for creating , bursting, distributing, publishing and viewing dynamic Business Intelligence dashboards for visualizing your data and metrics real-time or offline.

InfoBurst Dash provides:

  • A unique intelligent caching capability that allows a dashboard to access large amounts of data fast
  • A unique dashboard bursting functionality so that different data can be loaded into a dashboard template and delivered to different groups of users
  • The delivery of offline Dashboards

Who Can Benefit from InfoBurst Dash?

Anyone requiring dynamic visual Business Intelligence dashboard solutions both connected and offline. XDM is aimed at small to medium businesses looking for affordable and effective Business Intelligence dashboard applications.

There are no requirements for other Business Intelligence software or platforms. InfoBurst Dash can connect directly to a database and use SQL or Stored Procedures to access the data or it can connect directly to Excel.

Server-Tier XML Cache

InfoBurst Dash utilizes a caching model to deliver data from a data source, format it and store it in cache. The cache is then accessed via a unique XDC Cache Data connector from the dashboard. Benefits of the caching model include:

  • Scheduled or on-demand refresh of dashboard data
  • No real-time data retrieval overhead
  • Available for large row sets (100K+)
  • Pre-formatted into Xcelsius XML
  • Create multiple ranges of data from a single cache targeting multiple dashboard components
  • Mix and match data from different sources into the same dashboard (e.g. SQL Server;Oracle;DB2)
Intelligent CacheTM

The Intelligent CacheTM feature allows for filtering of a data cache. Using this feature, only cache data that is required by the dashboard is provided to the dashboard as opposed to the entire cache.

  • Cache Query allows full use SQL for retrieving data from the cache
  • Super-quick drill-down from Xcelsius
  • Operates from database cache or from XML file
  • Overcome Xcelsius row limitations by storing large caches in InfoBurst Dash

Secure Delivery

Infoburst Dash caters to a variety of dashboard security models. Use these security features to deliver viewer-specific dashboard data.

  • Identify User from Windows Credentials
  • Retrieve access codes from database lookup table. Dashboard User will only view what they are entitled to view.
  • Enforce credentials on each and every request for XML data

Offline Dashboard Deployment

InfoBurst Dash can schedule and distribute Xcelsius dashboards for offline usage. The dashboard can be burst from a query and delivered as a standalone SWF for either off-line usage or real-time refresh when connected to the server. An offline dashboard is suitable for viewing by external clients and for roaming employees since no dashboard connectivity is required.

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