Best BI Dashboard Awards Impress at IBIS 2013

The InfoSol 2013 Best BI Dashboard Award winners at this year’s IBIS 2013 Limitless Business Intelligence in San Diego, CA showcased an impressive array of dashboard solutions.


The Best Business Dashboard
was won by Palo Alto Medical Foundation who designed and developed a dashboard using the Agile methodology that provided a one-stop shop to view and track their key metrics based around affordability, patient experience and quality for all their facilities.  The result was an intuitive dashboard that clearly visualized the trends along with alert indicators and a neat dynamic functionality to compare the trending of the different metrics side by side.

was the recipient of this year’s Most Innovative Dashboard award with a dazzling location intelligence submission using Google maps with the Centigon GMaps plug-in and InfoBurst XDM that allowed them to improve automotive repair service turnaround for their clients while at the same time generating more business for many of their repair shop vendors. The functionality in the dashboard allows them to see a street view of the repair shop to assess the repair capacity of the facility.

The 2013 Most Inspired Dashboard was awarded to Bosch Automotive Services for their Visual Management dashboard that replaced a manual magnetic board system for tracking the life cycle of different tool development and manufacturing projects. The solution was inspirational on many levels from the way they created a “virtual magnet” embedded in the dashboard to emulate the look and behavior of the original magnets used to the creation of multiple views to satisfy the needs of different groups of users (sales, marketing, operations etc.) to provide the exact insights they were previously unable to see.

IBIS2013-Dashboard-Award---McKessonThe prestigious Most Valuable Dashboard award was won by McKesson Specialty for their comprehensive Drug Prescription Safety dashboard. The amount of information accessed through the dashboard was remarkable enabling a wide range of users to benefit from its impressive capabilities including patients, doctors, government administrators and a 900+ person call center that helps adjudicate claims and run safety programs. The implementation of the dashboard has resulted has resulted in an 80% reduction in reports previously used to obtain the information.

Each of the dashboard winners presented their solutions and how they were conceived in the Inspired Business Intelligence Solutions 3.0 executive track where they convincingly demonstrated they were all very worthy winners of their awards.

Thanks to Ryan Goodman of Centigon Solutions and Roxanne Pittman of InfoSol who presented the awards.

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