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View Our Upcoming Virtual BusinessObjects Training Offerings

We offer all of our most popular BusinessObjects training offerings as virtual courses with a live instructor, allowing you to attend the training from your office or home without the added time and expense of travel.  All course materials and connection to the training servers are provided prior to the course start.


Web Intelligence Dashboards Boot Camp: Running February 8-10

This Web Intelligence Dashboards course is designed to help you deliver dynamic and interactive data using all the newest features of Web Intelligence. We dive into three use cases with Alerting, Strategic, and Analytical dashboards while along the way providing in-depth formatting and formula skills. Although we allow beginners, this class is especially designed for someone familiar with Webi that wants to see what else it can do.  Come learn how dashboarding in Webi can take your Webi reporting to the next level!

Using Web Intelligence 4.2 Like a Pro: Running March 8-10

This boot camp is designed for users and report designers that want to learn how to use Web Intelligence 4.2 in a whole new way – the way it has been redesigned to use in BI 4.2 – and need to learn to access, analyze, and share data using Web Intelligence. We will present real-life challenges and show you how you can use Web Intelligence to solve them.

Web Intelligence 4.2 Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced: Running April 12-14

Users and report designers, who are new to Web Intelligence 4.2 and need to learn to access, analyze and share data using Web Intelligence. After completing this course, you will be able to create, format and maintain Web Intelligence documents and use complex functions such as: creating documents using multiple sources, using functions for character, date and strings, redefining calculation contexts, using “If” logic, as well as linking Web Intelligence documents.


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