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A rapid, zero-cost approach to deploying Xcelsius dashboards on the iPad


NuVasive®  is an innovative medical device company focused on developing minimally disruptive surgical products and procedures for the spine.

NuVasive’s IT department was recently charged with centralizing administration, application development and content creation for a company-wide iPad deployment.  As a consecutive project, the Business Intelligence team kicked off an initiative to create interactive, informative dashboards for their 400+ highly mobile members of the sales force in just 60 days, without any additional investments in software or development activities.

Nuvasive-DashboardNuVasive leveraged its existing investment to rapidly deploy a high-impact personalized dashboard to each member of the NuVasive sales force.

Using an SAP portal, users were able to access detailed reports with many drilldown options.  They could create custom reports and email these with “bookmarks” to other users. Information was easily exported to PDF or Excel and it was easily accessible.

When iPads were released to the NuVasive sales force it was quickly apparent that accessing the SAP Portal on the iPads was not feasible (nor a good user experience). The question was how to get users the information they needed. After careful consideration of the options, a decision was made to design and build Xcelsius dashboards for the iPad, and distribute them using InfoBurst.

The dashboards were designed with sole purpose of iPad viewing. They focused on information most viewed by Sales Team on the SAP Portal.  In order to keep it simple, easy to read and quick to load, best practices in Dashboard design were followed closely.

The Webi XDC was built with a cache key on RepID. Using InfoBurst, the dashboards are burst using the “For Mobile” option for iPad with the XDC embedded. The datasource for the e-mails is a SQL query into the NuVasive BI database.  When the burst is executed a dashboard is created for each cache key, then is sent to the respective e-mail address from the query.
nuvasive-infoburst-appMembers of the sales team receive an e-mail with an icon and instructions to install the application.

Six different dashboards are burst to over 200 different iPad users. On a daily basis.  Due to the efficiency and ease of use with the new system,  enhancements to dashboards require much less time from development to delivery.

Feedback from a senior member of the NuVasive sales force tells it’s own story:

“Just a little unsolicited feedback for you, this report is FANTASTIC! Love the easy one page snapshot of where we are at in each bucket and for the month and quarter, especially without having to log onto SAP and fill out all the variables.”



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