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Aluchemie Case Study

Data dashboards to improve a company’s business intelligence!

Aluchemie is the largest stand-alone anode production plant in the world. Aluchemie produces customer specific, high quality carbon anodes for the aluminum industry. Aluchemie has secured its leadership position by combining innovative technology, half a century of experience in anode production and continuous employee development. In the aluminum industry Aluchemie is recognized as a reliable partner that cares for people and the environment.

Aluchemie was about to roll out a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software application for managing and monitoring work-in-process on the factory floor. While this new application was a big leap forward for Aluchemie, it lacked a compelling and exciting presentation and interface to really engage both management and employees and get them interested.

An inspired individual on the MES team who knew about Business Intelligence put together a prototype Business Intelligence dashboard to really bring the MES data to life. With a team of just two people, a dynamic, graphical visualization packed with business value started to take shape.

The dashboard combined over 100 charts into a single access point. It incorporated a trend analyzer for capturing trends on each of their main six key performance indicators.

It enabled viewing of daily production by process and by 24 hour period or each of the three shifts so production managers could make daily adjustments to work flow. You can look at production line incidents and causes at a detailed level, like individual furnace downtime. The daily information is viewable for a rolling 30 days for each of the production areas with the option to collapse or expand those 30 days. Year to date information comparing week to week and month to month on key metrics like OEE, production, rejects for each of the production areas is all available with just a mouse click.

The Business Intelligence dashboard at Aluchemie exceeded expectations and was enthu­siastically adopted by manage­ment and supervisors alike. It is extremely reliable and easy to configure to keep pace with the growing business needs and it has also helped to identify production line issues. Most importantly of all, it has inspired the people at Aluchemie to look beyond the data.  Through the dashboard, shift supervisors were able to see where some of their colleagues were struggling and they themselves initiated self-improvement for the whole department without any intervention from management.

Aluchemie have continued to be inspired by their initial business intelligence solution and are working on other dashboards for finance, budgets, real-time reject rates for the paste plant manager and safety certificate tracking and reporting for contractors.

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