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Secure-IT Dashboard

This Secure-IT Summary Report Dashboard provides Management with insight into Revenue Expenditure and the protection of information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, or destruction.

This Dynamic Dashboard provides management with analysis between the five main tab sets displayed in the Label Based Menu. The first page of this Dashboard takes a closer look into the overhead for Actual Revenue verses a Budgeted Revenue for Disaster Recovery, Theft, and Data Security. The Pie Chart and Bar Chart to the bottom of the first page provide a drill down application enabling the data in the Bar Chart to modify depending on the selection made in the Pie Chart. This allows management to view the Revenue by Product and its immediate effect on the Revenue by Customer in both charts.

The second page of this Dashboard displays the Categories of Expenses measured within a twelve month period for the year 2011. Delivery Expenses, Variable Expenses, Personnel Expenses, Miscellaneous Expenses and Fixed Expenses are all within this category demonstrating the fluctuation of Expenses for each month. Six check boxes are presented next to each category allowing the user to decide which category of expenses they would like to view within the line chart.

The third page allows management to examine each month of the year as a Label Based menu to view the Number of Inquiries by Product shown in the Pie Chart and the Actual Revenue by Customer displayed in the Bar Chart. For the month of February, 53.00% of the Inquiries by Product were from Disaster Recovery.

Accounts Composition demonstrates the Total Accounts by Month displayed in a Bar Chart which by the selection of month modifies the data administered in the Pie Chart. The number of work days allows the user to view the labor within that month displayed by a value component in the Pie Chart. The Pie Chart provides the current data for Disaster Recovery, Theft, and Data Security based on the selection from the Bar Chart.

The last tab for this Dynamic Dashboard displays the Income Statement and What if Analysis for the Secure-IT Summary Report. It reviews the Actual Revenue by Customer by Product, the Totals for Actual Revenue within that year, the Actual Expenses by Category, and the Operating Income for all twelve months in a Spreadsheet Table. The What if Analysis on this page allows the end user to evaluate the Income Statement and impact administered when altering Horizontal Sliders displayed by a percentage to Disaster Recovery, Theft, and Data Security. The Expenses are also modifiable in the What if Analysis providing further insight into the Income Statement Summary Report for future projections.


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