Hotel Management Dashboard

This hospitality dashboard is designed for a corporate hotel management company to monitor their main revenue streams to uncover trends, strengths, and weaknesses.

The revenue analyzer allows management to assess the financials for the recent 12 month period. This analysis includes the capability of a what-if scenario, letting the user adjust figures to see the effect on the three different revenue identifiers.

The reservation analysis focuses on the amount of reservations to cancellations, the ratio of cancellations that were charged a penalty, and the statistics of the average reservation. This analysis could uncover many factors from booking errors to reservation trends. This would also help to uncover weaknesses or vulnerabilities in the reservation policies.

The restaurant analyzer shows detailed information on the revenue and traffic for the hotel chain restaurants. The traffic section shows a monthly breakdown on the number of guests, and also details the statistics of the average tickets size and the average party size. This is useful in determining the correlation between the restaurants, seasonality, and also statistics about the restaurants. The revenue section displays the monthly revenue for the restaurants. The monthly statistics are detailed in a cost/profit pie chart analysis. Each section of the cost/profit pie chart then displays the monthly trends for the specific expenditure.

The banquets analyzer shows the past 12 months financials and also reports what is booked for the upcoming five months. The monthly information is than broken down by departments. This analysis shows great detail into the activity of the banquets department. Not only does it show the advertising trends, but also gives great transparency into the upcoming activities and increases the responsiveness of the management team.

The customer service analyzer tool gives management detailed information about the survey results by department and also lets them manage the survey process. By displaying the end-to-end survey process, management has complete transparency into the process.

The contact information section provides contact details on all key individuals within the organization. This helps to expedite the communication process and to relay any information or intelligence that has been uncovered by the dashboard.

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