InfoSol and BusinessObjects Community Excited about New SAP Roadmap for BusinessObjects into the 2030’s

SAP released a new Statement of Direction for its SAP Analytics offering focused on its BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform that clearly shows that the world’s most popular BI suite is here to stay for the next decade and beyond.

InfoSol, a 25-year partner of BusinessObjects and SAP and a leading voice in the BusinessObjects Community, expressed great excitement at the new direction. InfoSol CEO, Paul Grill, said, “This makes perfect sense and clearly puts BusinessObjects on a continued trajectory to remain the dominant BI reporting solution into the 2030’s”

As many BusinessObjects customers roll out the new BI 4.3 release with its all-new Web Intelligence user interface, SAP has announced a follow-on release to BI 4.3, code named BI 2024. Like BI 4.3, BI 2024 will fully support both on-premise and cloud deployments. This new version will focus on the most widely-used products in BusinessObjects namely, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports, IDT Universes and the BI platform. The plan is for the new version to run on both Windows and Linux.

SAP states in the new Statement of Direction, “This new release will be an opportunity for us to continue the modernization started in version 4.3 (user experience, latest 3rd party components versions, JVM update) and streamline the BI suite by focusing on the core components while providing a clear migration path for unsupported ones”

With so many exciting new features coming in the current and future BI 4.3 service packs like new dimension merging capabilities, an amazing new data profiler, Webi as a data source, BI 2024 promises to offer even more goodies for BusinessObjects users.

InfoSol just recently held its annual in-person BusinessObjects conference, IBIS 2022, followed by it’s virtual Let’s Speak BO Experience annual event.

“There was a lot of excitement and positive feedback from the BusinessObjects community that the suite will continue to be both supported and enhanced for on-premise and cloud deployments”, remarked Paul Grill. “We do not expect to see customers moving to BI 2024 until at least 2025 and with BI 4.2 moving into Priority 1 support only at the end of this year, most customers will move to BI 4.3 in the next 12 months.”

Grill continued, “We estimate about 80% of BusinessObjects customers in North America use either Tableau or PowerBI and are not planning to change that state of co-existence for a while. They keep BusinessObjects for BI reporting and use either Tableau, PowerBI or both for data exploration, visualization and other BI functions. Most customers who have attempted to convert completely off BusinessObjects to Tableau or PowerBI have either failed, run out of budget or regretted the decision. Many canceled their maintenance on BusinessObjects only to reinstate it or purchase BusinessObjects again.

The simple truth is that BusinessObjects remains the best and most comprehensive Business Intelligence reporting solution on the planet and, with this new announcement from SAP, looks to stay that way for the next decade and beyond.”

InfoSol® is a visionary provider of information systems solutions delivering quality, compelling and effective business intelligence and custom applications. Understanding a client’s specific business and unique needs is always a part of any solution we provide.

Our logo is based on the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus which has several meanings, one of which is a symbol of knowledge. InfoSol uses the combined knowledge of its talented and experienced consultants to see beyond the business issue and deliver results. In addition, we transfer that knowledge to you.

As a leading provider of SAP BusinessObjects consulting, products, education and technical support coupled with an in-house product development team and partnerships with other leading Business Intelligence solutions providers around the world, InfoSol® offers the “best in class” and most innovative SAP BusinessObjects platform solutions. These include InfoBurst® for Automated Report and Dashboard Bursting/Publishing, along with Intelligent Cache Query for optimal dashboard performance and scalability. Having more than fifteen years of experience in providing end-to-end Business Intelligence applications, InfoSol sees beyond the data to deliver visionary solutions that inspire.

InfoSol is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona and operates world-wide. InfoSol Canada, located in Windsor, Ontario, serves our Canadian market. InfoSol Ltd, located in Bristol, serves our European, Middle East, and Africa markets.

About pgrill

Paul Grill started his career in Information Technology in the U.K. in 1978, as an Executive Data Processing Trainee for Honeywell. More than thirty years later, he still has a voracious appetite for learning as Information Technology continues to advance at an ever accelerating pace. He was first introduced to the world of Business Intelligence in 1991, in France, when he saw a demonstration of an early version of BusinessObjects on Windows 2.1. He returned to the U.S. to rave about this phenomenal product, but it was many years before BusinessObjects made it into the mainstream. Paul founded InfoSol in 1997, and made Business Intelligence one of the key solutions offered by the company. Today, InfoSol is a leading SAP BusinessObjects solutions partner, known for its expert consulting, education and innovative add-on solutions. Paul is well known within the SAP BusinessObjects community for his extensive knowledge of Business Intelligence, and he has lectured and written many articles on the subject. Paul enjoys writing, running and coaching kids soccer, and is passionate about Ancient Egyptology.

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