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Simple, Functional and Inspired Win Out in IBIS 2012 Best Dashboard Awards

While dazzling looking dashboards have often dominated the Annual Best Dashboard Awards at InfoSol’s Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS), this year it was more about simplicity, functionality and a lot of inspired ideas.

Best Business Dashboard

The Best Business Dashboard was awarded to Rent-A-Center for creating a remarkable self-service dashboard for their Human Resources department that consolidated and replaced more than 60 reports that they were previously using. The dashboard provides a simple interface to information from over 5,000 stores and uses flash variables to identify individuals so they can only see the data they are authorized to view.  Using the InfoBurst XML Data Caching capability, Rent-A-Center is able to easily and securely access and summarize hundreds of thousands of rows of HR information instantly.

Most Innovative Dashboard

The Most Innovative Dashboard for 2012 went to Swift Transportation who showed both ingenuity and creativity in designing and developing a dashboard to monitor and analyze safety. With over14,000 trucks traveling approximately 5,000,000 miles every day, safety is a top priority at Swift. The intuitive design provides count and detail causes of crashes and injuries with the crashes categorized to identify the preventable ones so that action can be taken. It also shows the nature of the injuries along with the related claim types and associated approximate cost. The average cost of an injury type can be manually entered and the dashboard instantly shows the total cost of all reported injuries of that type.

Another innovative aspect of this dashboard is the safety map which is accessible in another tab and uses superimposed bubbles on top of the map where the color and size of the bubbles bring quick attention to the terminals seeking improvement. Over 1.2 million rows of data are accessible through this dashboard again using the InfoBurst XML Data Caching capability for Xcelsius. The access to historical data and the safety map are providing new trend insights to the Swift safety team and helping to improve the overall company safety level as well as reduce losses and claims.

Most Valuable Dashboard

LeasePlan, a vehicle fleet management company, was the recipient of the 2012 Most Valuable Dashboard Award with a very simple and effective dashboard to assist their client’s vehicle fleet managers in determining their best fleet makeup.  It also encourages fuel efficient driving for their client’s drivers.  It includes the ability to do “what-if ?“ scenarios, such as, what if we replaced our cargo vans with SUVs, how much cost savings would we see? So at the click of a mouse, fleet managers can see how best to structure their fleet to reach the optimum fuel efficiency enabling them to make better and more informed decisions (the essence of Business Intelligence!).

Most Inspired Dashboard

NuVasive, an innovative medical device company,  walked away with this year’s Most Inspired Dashboard Award . Their Business Intelligence group was tasked with creating a dashboard that could be used on both the PC and the iPad by their 400+ salespeople. The iPad version had to be available in an offline mode since the salespeople spent most of their time in operating rooms and hospitals where there is no internet access. The bigger challenge was that this dashboard had to be developed and deployed in just a few weeks without any additional investment in software or services. This truly had to be an inspired solution .  Nuvasive already owned BusinessObjects ,  Xcelsius and InfoBurst for distributing offline dashboards so they created an Xcelsius dashboard that gave their sales force exactly what they needed in the form of a simple and intuitive interface.  They then used InfoBurst to schedule, burst, distribute and publish this dashboard offline customized for each sales person daily. The sales team was elated as now they have the information at their fingertips to allow them to manage sales, view problem orders and build forecast accuracy on the sales numbers.

Four fantastic business intelligence dashboards from four inspired organizations.

You can view videos of Ryan Goodman of Centigon Solutions along with Paul Grill from InfoSol handing out the awards on InfoSol’s YouTube Channel.


RentACenter Swift Transportation
LeasePlan Nuvasive

Congratulations to all the winners and, thanks to all who submitted dashboards.  And, remember, it’s never too early to start working on your entry for next year’s awards.

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