Tech Tip – Auditing Maintenance in BusinessObjects

Lately we have noticed issues with a lot of customers regarding their BO auditor not working due to lot of Audit files being present in the Auditing folder.

So, here is tip for administrators to include as a part of their Application Maintenance list, which helps make sure the auditor keeps functioning without any issues.

Tip: Cleanup (Delete) any audit logs that are 0 KB and are over a month old. This helps reduce the file count in that folder, which can affect Auditing if not maintained.

Scenario: Over a period of time, Audit logs build up in the Auditing Folder and can cause issues with Audit entries that are being made to the Auditing database.

How: Go to the main App server where BO is installed and go to the auditing folder as shown below. And then Delete all of the older entries that are older than a month and are 0 KB

Note: If you see files that have a size of more than 0 KB, then it means that they still have Audit data that is not yet written to the audit database. If you have such entries from a month ago, then mostly there is an issue with your Auditing as it is not writing entries to audit database. Is that is the case then please investigate and resolve this issue immediately.

Food for thought: Imagine if you have BO on the same server for over five years and you have never cleaned up any Audit logs. Can you imagine how many files will be in this location and how your operating system and BO Audit feature will behave after increase in substantial file count?

Here is an example on how to do this, go to the location shown below on the server where the BO app is installed (in a cluster environment this will NOT be on web server)

D:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0




Assuming today is last day of Jan 2021.

Please delete all 0 KB files that are older then a month from today:


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