Tech Tip: How to refresh Tableau Hyper extracts based on an event

Tableau uses the concept of hyper extracts – a compressed snapshot of data stored on disk and loaded into memory when required to render a tableau visualization. Hyper extracts are very beneficial and even essential to Tableau users. To refresh an extract on a daily, weekly or monthly basis users can add the data source or workbook to a refresh schedule in Tableau Server. Tableau schedule refreshes are great for time based schedules, but what if the refresh schedule has to check for an ETL load completion, a database table trigger, or any other external event? There’s no solution within Tableau Server.

Did you know that InfoBurst Tab can be leveraged for event based scheduling of Tableau extracts?

Here’s how it can be done:

Step 1: Create an Event in InfoBurst Tab

There are three type of events that can be created in InfoBurst Tab:

  1. An event can be based on the presence of a control file or a trigger file on a network share
  2. An event can be based on the results of a database query such as an ETL Load check
  3. An event can be based on an InfoBurst trigger such as one schedule triggering another schedule

Here is an example of a successful ETL Load check using a database query:

Step 2: Catalog the extract-based Tableau workbook and create a burst to deliver a PDF or CSV

The delivery for this burst is a dummy delivery. The main function of the burst is to refresh the underlying extract and the dashboard’s visualization.

Step3: Create an event-based schedule that refreshes the extract on Tableau Server

Add the burst to a schedule and add the ETL check event in the Frequency section.

You can go a step further by adding an InfoBurst action which will inform your Tableau user community when the extract refresh is complete.

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