Tech Tip: How to Use Chart Ranking with Dynamic Visualization in Xcelsius (SAP Dashboards)

Tip: How to use Chart Ranking with Dynamic Visualization in Xcelsius (SAP Dashboards)

Trick: Creating Dynamic Visualization that works with Chart Ranking

Are you wanting the dynamic visibility to work with the values corresponding rank on a chart? This can actually be achieved in a couple simple steps and excel formulas.

When setting the data insertion for the chart, make sure the item selected is the “value”.

Next, the solution first uses the SMALL excel formula.

=SMALL (array, n)

This formula will provide the specific ranking for the values within the chart. When using this formula, n=rank desired (ex: if n=1, then it will retrieve the smallest value). It is important that you have a formula for each value displayed within the chart. This way all values are able to be ordered from least to greatest.

Now that the chart values are ordered from least to greatest, no matter what data is presented, all that is left is setting the dynamic visibility of the objects being used. For example, to display when the highest value is selected on the chart, the STATUS will be the SMALL formula with the highest value and the KEY will be the destination for the charts selected value. This way the object will only show when the charts highest value is selected.

In this example, I have set a pie chart to show only when the chart inserts the second highest value. Under dynamic visibility, the ‘Status’ is set to the 2nd ranked value and the ‘Key’ is set to where the bar chart inserts its selected value (orange).

As you can see the pie chart is not present unless the 2nd ranked value is selected.

However, once the 2nd ranked value is selected, the pie chart shows.

Why is this beneficial?

This makes it so components, such as infographics, only display when a certain “rank” of the data is selected. It makes the dashboard customizable to the data’s ranking within the dashboard.

Xcelsius End Life (Dec 2020) – What can you do to keep Xcelsius alive?

Project Squirrel is the code name for an exciting new BI dashboard and data visualization solution to provide a fully supported follow-on to Xcelsius (SAP BO Dashboards) incorporating the key features and providing a migration utility to migrate existing Xcelsius dashboards to Squirrel.

We are aiming to make it the most intuitive dashboarding UI on the market, combining beautiful design with code-free intelligence.

Release one for Squirrel will be ready in Q4 2019, ahead of the end-of-life of Xcelsius and will be fully functional with all the key features. Future releases will enhance and add to exisiting functionality. We want Squirrel to be an amazing alternative offering to Xcelsius and a natural progression with additional features to really add value.

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