Test Drive BI 2025 and Enter the Squirrel Hackathon at IBIS

Your Chance to Test Drive BI 2025

Do not miss a unique opportunity to test drive an early version of the next exciting BusinessObjects release, BI 2025. This new release promises to be revolutionary in terms of its advanced visualizations and new functionality.

There will be 5 sessions at IBIS where you can try it out for yourselves and provide your feedback to SAP. Once you have registered for IBIS, you will be able to sign up and reserve your spot.

You can learn more about IBIS 2024 at attendibis.com!

Compete in the Squirrel Hackathon

Do not miss this great opportunity to try out building a useful app. using the Squirrel no-code application development tool and you may win a $100 gift card.

You will be given a 15-minute overview and demo of how to create apps with Squirrel365 along with an Excel spreadsheet to turn into a visual, interactive and insightful solution using the no-code Squirrel365 tool.  Mentors will be on hand to help and some laptops will be available to use or feel free to bring your own.

Participants will demonstrate and present the results of their labors and the winner will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card. It is open to all participants and their families/guests. No age limit as Squirrel is just that easy to use. Sign up today if you plan on attending IBIS!

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