2016 BI Dashboard Awards Winners Highlight Reawakening of the Xcelsius Force

One of the many highlights of this year’s InfoSol Business Intelligence Seminar (IBIS 2016) was the annual Dashboard awards and while the 3 winning solutions were very different solutions they shared the fact that, once again, they were all developed in Xcelsius.

It never ceases to amaze me how Xcelsius continues to advance and evolve in its usage, visualization and functionality despite minimal product enhancements from SAP. I feel this is a testimony to just how incredibly versatile and adaptable it is.

Most Valuable Dashboard Award Winner

Nowhere was this more obvious than in the dashboard that won this year’s Most Valuable Dashboard award from the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Their Performance and Clinical Excellence Dashboard was simply stunning and a brilliant example of what is possible when you put passionate practitioners and talented dashboard developers together. The key metrics being fed from their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system along with patient survey data shows a comprehensive and insightful view of what is happening in all aspects of the patient journey at each of their 14 hospitals.

Dr. Kalthoom Mohammad, Director of the Hospital Department in the UAE Ministry of Health Hospitals Sector, flew all the way from Dubai to receive the prestigious award and she also delivered a fascinating presentation on how the dashboard is impacting their operations and the patients they serve. You can view the dashboard below:


Limitless BI Dashboard Award Winner

The award for this year’s “Limitless BI Dashboard” went to the City of Calgary for their inspirational “311 Tracking” dashboard. It was created to track the source and type of calls from residents which number around one million service requests per year.  These requests include a multitude of issues, covering everything from animal licensing, to property tax applications, to graffiti removal concerns.  The servicing of these requests involves many City workers and a significant portion of the City’s budget. As the number of service requests skyrocketed due to urban sprawl, it became vital to monitor and understand the distribution of these requests.

The 311 Dashboard provides meaningful information about service requests for different time frames, business units, intake methods and even geographical locations – at a glance and to a very detailed level of metrics.  The dashboard is displayed on the internal network and is accessible by any of the 14,000 City employees without any cost per view. Resource planning and allocation can be accomplished by using fact based information extracted from the dashboard and it provides a great opportunity to increase accountability among the different departments that serve these requests. Click to view the dashboard below:

Best Business Dashboard Award Winner

The “Best Business Dashboard” for 2016 was awarded to the City of Vallejo Finance department for their Budget and Annual Financial Report dashboard. This was created to replace an inefficient and ineffective method of publishing their annual budget and financial reports in PDF documents that numbered hundreds of pages making it difficult to find information. The City created a visual dashboard that consolidated all this information incorporating drill down, guided exploration, interactive analysis, alerting and more.  The dashboard is published offline providing maximum flexibility for its usage.

Three great BI dashboards from three different countries making a real and positive impact in people’s lives. This is what the InfoSol dashboard awards are all about. You can view the dashboard below:

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