Error – New 4.2 BI Commentary Service is Unavailable

I recently attempted to use the new Commentary Service available in Business Objects 4.2 to enter a comment in a Web Intelligence report. I received an error stating the “Commentary Service is unavailable”, and directing me to see my platform Administrator.  I saved the document, and tried the different ways to enter a comment, but to no avail.  The comment would not save to the document, or any document for that matter!

After researching, I discovered the issue was related to the configuration of the ODBC connections on the BO server. The Commentary Service in BO 4.2 leverages a database, either the BO Audit database by default, or a separate database configured in the CMC, and thus requires both 32 and 64-bit ODBC data source connections. Upon checking these connections on the server, I noticed both connections existed, however they had slightly different names.  I renamed both connections with the same name and created a new Web Intelligence document.  The Commentary Service was up and running, and allowing comments to be added to Webi reports.

The requirement of having both 32 and 64-bit ODBC connections is not restricted to just the Commentary Service. Thus, when setting up these connections, always make sure to set them up using the same name to ensure all features on the BO platform work properly.

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