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High Tech Dashboard

The High Tech dashboard provides detailed information about Booking Vs Billing, On-Time Deliveries and Sales Forecast. The dashboard quickly and efficiently analyzes large volumes of data. The summarized information and trends make it simple and straightforward to react quickly if any red flags are raised. It can also be used …

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Healthcare Management Dashboard

For Healthcare organizations, the ability to monitor Key Performance Indicators in a timely manner, discover any issues and react quickly is critically important. The setting for this dashboard is the ER and ICU departments at Partner Healthcare, spanning four clinics. The hospital administrator uses the dynamic, interactive features of this …

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United Educators Case Study

United Educators (UE), otherwise known as “Education’s Own Insurance Company”, understands the unique risks involved with education better than anyone. It is a licensed insurance company owned and governed by more than 1,160 member colleges, universities, independent schools, public school districts, public school insurance pools, and related organizations throughout the …

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Rural Metro Case Study

The data came from a variety of different applications and data sources, including manual spreadsheets, and needed to be consolidated into meaningful performance indicators and delivered to both the corporate SharePoint portal and as an in-line email to a number of different mobile devices including iPhones, iPads and Blackberries.

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Lindab Case Study

In 2011, Lindab found themselves still working with a GCOS7 legacy mainframe platform. It was originally installed in 1976 and served as the main ERP platform for over 30 years, servicing many of the European businesses. Over time, the hardware was updated and the COBOL based applications further customized and enhanced.

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