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BusinessObjects – Adding Logos for Use on Reports

Question: How can I set up our company logo, to appear in Web Intelligence, in the header?

Answer: Since you cannot embed pictures and objects in Web Intelligence XIR2 and prior, they must be set up as images or skins available as a “Backgrounds” or “URL Links”.


To store the Logo images:

On the server go to:

<install folder>/BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5/Images


To place the Logo image on the skins dropdown list:

Go to <install folder>\Tomcat\webapps\businessobjects\enterprise115\desktoplaunch\webiApplet\AppletConfig\defaultConfig.xml

Save a copy of the defaultConfig.xml file and store it in a safe place, renaming the copy defaultConfig-orig.xml or defaultConfig-back-up.xml

Add the following skins to the defaultConfig.xml file by opening it with WordPad or a similar type edit tool

Go to the section, at the very bottom, called:
<!– Settings Default Skins background per report element type –>

Add a new KEY entry for the new file.
The sequence numbers can be different for each type (4 and 5).
For example: <KEY VALUE=”cell_skin5,report_skin4,section_skin5,bloc_skin5″>
<SKIN NAME=“InfoSol Logo” TYPE=”stretch”>



The sequence number relates to the order of listing in each of the sections. When looking at the code below, the skin_mylogo.gif file will be listed fifth in the list for each formatting type, cell skin, section skin, and block skin respectively. Since we see no listing for report skin, this logo will not be available for the background of the report. For a logo, you will always indicate type to the “stretch”.

Go to the Central Configuration Manager (CCM) and reboot the CMS and all other servers.

Open up BusinessObjects and check the drop down list to verify the installation worked.

How to place the logo on a Web Intelligence report:

…using this skin:

…Or, using a custom image, the syntax for the image is boimg://file.jpg

Either way, the image must exist in the <BOE install>\BusinessObjects Enterprise 11.5\Images folder.

You may also place the logo on a report as a URL without using the drop down list.

Open a document, create and run the initial design of the report.

Drag a blank cell into the area you wish to display the logo.

Size it appropriately.

Click on the blank cell to activate it.

Click on the Properties tab for the cell. In the Text field enter: boimg:// followed by the name of the logo file (i.e. boimg://skin_mylogo.gif)

Press enter, and the string should appear in the cell.

Open the +Display Properties.

Under “Read cell content as” change the entry to “Image URL”.

Press enter and your logo should display.

Embedding an image in XI 3.0

The same method described above will work in the new release of software, however, an image can also be embedded into a document by browsing to the file.

The file structure is slightly different. The image file will be placed at:

<install folder>/ BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\images

The xml configuration file will be found at:

<install folder>\Tomcat55\webapps\AnalyticalReporting\webiApplet\AppletConfig

To embed an image into a WebI Document:

Add a blank cell to the document and select it. Select the background image property by either clicking on the toolbar button or accessing the properties tab, then the text section.

When the Background Image dialogue box opens up, click on the browse button to find the desired image.

Keep in mind, these steps actually embed the object in the document. It is, in most cases, more desirable to link to the image by using the “Image from URL”. If the file changes and has been resaved to the server, the document will automatically be updated with the new image.






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