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Public Sector Dashboard

The Public Sector dashboard provides an overview of sources of income, distribution by department and special projects in the fictional City of Freemont. The dashboard landing page shows a summary of different income sources such as Sales Taxes, Property Tax, Permits, etc., along with a brief description. The pie chart …

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Retail Sales Dashboard

The Retail Sales, Spend Performance and Analysis dashboard is used to look at Revenue by Month, Region and Product Category. It also shows Spend Performance by Region, Supplier and Sub-categories. The dashboard quickly and efficiently analyzes large volumes of data. The summarized information and trends make it simple and straightforward …

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Professional Services Dashboard

The setting for the Professional Services Dashboard is the consulting division of the company. This interactive dashboard is useful for an account manager overseeing several consultants and clients. The home page of the dashboard provides a current overview of the company’s metrics. The Partner Receivables and WIP (Work In Progress) …

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Life Sciences Dashboard

  The Life Sciences dashboard was designed for a hypothetical Pharmaceutical company.  This company has U.S. sales in four distinct regions: North, East, South, and West.  Each region sells into four channels or sales lines: Pain Management, Endocrinology, Oncology, and Cardiology.  Each channel, in turn includes four pharmaceuticals.  There is …

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Crystal Reports – In Row (Detail) Charting

Question: Wouldn’t you like a way to visually show/compare your data right at the detail-level? Answer: With a little preparation and some simple formulas, it can be yours. Explanation This Tech Tip uses the Customer Table from the Sample Database that comes with Crystal Reports. Also, I am working with …

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