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Professional Services Dashboard

The setting for the Professional Services Dashboard is the consulting division of the company. This interactive dashboard is useful for an account manager overseeing several consultants and clients.

The home page of the dashboard provides a current overview of the company’s metrics. The Partner Receivables and WIP (Work In Progress) component on the bottom right of the dashboard provides a high-level view of how the account managers are doing. The line chart has a slider where you can specify the months you want displayed.  The chart also lets you select and view individual divisions.

Clicking on the Rec./WIP tab shows a canvas that lists five account managers on the top left. Clicking on one of the names shows Accounts Receivables and Work-in-progress for that account manager. The area chart is used to compare Receivables, WIP, and Outstanding Receivables. The view can be changed by clicking on the Show Table or Show Chart button. This displays a more detailed breakdown of the client and outstanding amounts.

The scorecard on the right shows red tag alerts for any accounts that need attention. Clicking on a client name provides more detailed information for the account and by hovering over the bar graph, the metrics causing the account to be tagged in red are displayed.

The Details tab shows a summary of Work in Progress and Outstanding Accounts Receivable for individual consultants. The combo bar chart on the top left provides a quick view of the Total Outstanding. The pie chart to the right shows Receivables for each consultant. Clicking on the chart allows you to drill down into each account for specifics metrics.

Clicking on the Simulation tab displays a table that ranks the account manager. The progress bars at the bottom of the screen can be manipulated to find out how much needs to be collected on outstanding accounts receivables in order to raise your ranking

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