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Retail Sales Dashboard

The Retail Sales, Spend Performance and Analysis dashboard is used to look at Revenue by Month, Region and Product Category. It also shows Spend Performance by Region, Supplier and Sub-categories. The dashboard quickly and efficiently analyzes large volumes of data. The summarized information and trends make it simple and straightforward for a user to react quickly if any issues are highlighted by the dashboard. It can be used to compare vendors and create new ideas on how to spend better to take full advantage of contract pricing agreements that are in place.

The default Summary page of the dashboard shows a high level Sales summary. It displays the Actual Vs Target product revenue by month, Regional revenue by month, Spend by month and Spend breakdown by Contract and Off-contract. Looking at the monthly trend shows that the company missed the revenue target for September, October and December. Hovering over the month of Aug then Sept to investigate why this happened dynamically updates the Region pie chart and shows that there was a significant reduction in revenue in the Mid-West and South-East regions from August to September.

The Spend by Month chart shows that there was more spending in the months of Sep, Oct and Dec. However, when comparing these months on the Product Revenue by Month chart it is clear that there hasn’t been any significant increase in revenue for these months. To research further, hovering over the Aug and Sep bars on the Spend by Month chart dynamically changes the Contract/Off-Contract pie chart. This shows that in the month of Sep there was a significant increase in off-contract spending which probably caused the total spending to go up.

The Spend tab provides more information about expenses by product category. It shows an Executive Scorecard displaying Contract Spend, Off-contract Spend, Revenue and Margin based on the different product categories in the retail chain. Based on pre-set algorithms, the Scorecard also indicates whether the company is spending more or less of the target Contract Spend and Off-Contract Spend values and highlights any alerts in red. In this scenario, the Electronics and Pharmacy non-contract spend amounts have a red alert icon. Clicking on Electronics shows a more detailed breakdown on the Spend by Month chart. The months of September, October and December had excessive off-contract spending, highlighted in green. The pie chart shows that in the Electronics category, there is more off contract spending in the South and West regions which allows follow up where necessary to investigate the reason

The Detail tab shows more information about the amounts being spent in the different sub-categories and with individual vendors. The Electronics category is still selected in the Executive Scorecard. The Sub-Category Spend graph on the top right of the screen shows that the sub-categories of TV and Blu-ray Player have spent more than the committed amount. The slider allows you to show fewer or more categories in the chart. The Vendors chart in the bottom portion of the screen shows that there has been significant off-contract spending with Apple and Bose. This level of detail is useful for follow up to address the issues uncovered by the dashboard data

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