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Wholesale Distribution Dashboard

The Wholesale Distribution dashboard is used to look at profitability by customer, product, and seller. The dashboard quickly and efficiently analyzes large volumes of data. The summarized information and trends make it simple and straightforward for you to react quickly if any areas of concern are highlighted. It can also be used to compare customers and create new ideas on how to improve profitability.

The dashboard was created for a chain of wholesale distribution warehouses with regional distribution centers in Oregon, Arizona, Kansas, Florida and Massachusetts. The default page of the dashboard shows a high level customer summary. The list can be sorted by clicking on the column name (Customer, Revenue or Gross Margin). The Gross Margin column includes a color coded radio button that shows at a glance whether the customer’s gross margin is cause for concern (<8%) or not (>8%). Three separate charts show Revenue, Operating Costs and Net Profit for the year, based on the customer selected in the summary list. A scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen is color coded to quickly highlight companies with outstanding accounts receivable that are cause for concern.

It is clear that Hacienda Ind. has a red flag, with a Gross Margin of 6.46%.  Clicking on Hacienda to displays more detailed information about Revenue, Operating Costs and Net Profit in the charts. Clicking the Detail toggle button provides detailed information about the customer, including their location and the sales manager responsible for the Hacienda account. The Contact button at the bottom right of the screen provides client contact details.

Clicking the Product tab shows details about profitability by product line. It shows a map highlighting the states in which distribution centers are located. Selecting Florida on the map updates the Product Revenue chart to the right of the map. This shows revenue by product for the distribution center in Miami, as well as average revenue for all the distribution centers for those products. The chart highlights which products are below average which means you can follow up with the Miami distribution center accordingly.

The lower half of the screen shows the operational costs by product. Hovering over the bar for that product provides details about the operational costs. Clicking on a product bar in the Operational Cost by Product chart populates the cost breakdown chart. This highlights the Sales, Processing, Shipping and Collection costs associated with the selected product.

Clicks on the Seller tab shows profitability by sales manager. By clicking on a name, you can see total Sales for that sales manager as well as a pie chart showing revenue for that sales manager’s clients. Hovering your cursor over the pie chart displays more details about revenue and percent of total for that client. Clicking on the pie chart updates the Monthly Manager Revenue chart to the right. It shows year to date total sales and cost of sales associated with the client selected. From this information, you can make a decision whether to follow up with the sales manager to establish why the costs are almost the same as revenue for that client.

Clicking the Projection On/Off button displays a line chart showing revenue for the year for the sales manager’s clients. A client can be excluded from the line chart by selecting or deselecting the checkbox. The dials can be used dials to project the sales required for an improvement in the coming month for each client. The revenue projection can be printed as well as reset by clicking the relevant buttons.

Click the dashboard image below to interact with the dashboard.

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