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Xcelsius – Combo Box Moves Multiple Sets of Data

Question: In Xcelsius, can I use the “Filtered Rows” functionality to move and filter data from one place to another?

Answer: Yes, however, if you use that functionality directly from an interactive selector, then only one set of data will be able to be moved.
In this example, we have 2 sets of data, “Revenue” and “Cost”.

We have a “Label” menu to select the “STATE” and then this selector will use the Filtered Rows functionality to move the “State” selected data to a different place in the dashboard. For instance, if we select “Arizona” in the dashboard, only the rows for “Arizona” in the REVENUE” table will be moved. We also want to move data from the “COST” table, so we need to either put in some formulas, or we can use another selector that has the Filtered Rows functionality and then we can hide this selector.

We have 2 Components on the dashboard:


  1. Label Based Menu –
  • This component will be seen by the user
  • This component will use the filtered rows functionality for the “REVENUE” table and will move data to the “REVENUE SELECTION” table
  • This component will be interactive and the user will select one “State” from the menu

  1. Combo Box –
  • This component will be hidden
  • It will use the Filtered Rows functionality to move data from the “COST” table to the “COST SELECTION” table (see spreadsheet picture above)
  • It will take the “STATE” selection with the “SELECTED ITEM” property, this property will point to a cell where the “State” selection is written, in this case can be cell I6, (see spreadsheet picture above) – This property is located under Behavior > Common

After this, we can add two charts to show the data selected.


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  1. Hello,

    I have a requirement in which I should be able to select multiple states and achieve filtered rows functionality.
    I have a similar dataset with duplicate names like Arizona, Colarado etc. Instead of a label based menu I would like to do multiple selects and then filter and move the rows. Is there a way this could be achieved.

    Thank you.

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