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Xcelsius – Working with Large Multi-Tabbed Dashboards

Question: Multiple-tabbed Dashboards, with many formulas and components, take a long time to load into a web browser. To lessen the initial load time, we elected to create separate html/swfs for each tab and link them by URL. Some users want an easy way to open all the html/swfs at once. How can we set this up?

Answer: For instances when the user wants to load all tabs at once, you can use the Tab Group feature in Internet Explorer favorites.

Step 1: Initially open each html/swf in a separate tab within Internet Explorer.

Step 2: Go to the “Favorites” menu and save as “Tab Group” in Favorites.

Step 3: Opening your tab group is tricky. There isn’t an option under the Favorites menu. If you go to Favorites using the Favorites menu in IE7, you WILL NOT be able to open the tab group that you saved.

To be able to open a saved tab group, you need to click on the yellow star that represents the Favorites Center. This star is to the left of the tabs on IE7. When you click that, make sure that the Favorites tab is active (because “Feeds” and “History” will also appear). Now, from THAT Favorites list, navigate to your Tab Group that you saved using the Favorites menu’s “Add Tab Group to Favorites” feature, and you will see a graphical BLUE arrow to the right of the Tab Group folder’s name. Click that, and voila! The saved tabs will be opened within the same IE window.

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