Simon Boxall – Celebration of Life

It is with a really heavy heart that I write this blog post.   Our dear friend and colleague Simon Boxall passed away this week.  We extend our condolences to his family and those he touched.

Simon had been an InfoSolight for almost 11 years and within our small sphere we have felt this loss deeply and I am finding it difficult to find words that could bring comfort to someone who is maybe reading this for the first time.  So I’ll just say, I’m sorry for our loss.

Everyone at InfoSol respected Simon.  Here’s what Paul had to say:

“Simon had that special combination of being super smart, unassuming and just a really nice guy. In technical meetings, you would sometimes forget he was in the room because he only spoke when he was asked a question or had something significant to add but he could carry a conversation about almost any topic under the sun. He was a remarkable troubleshooter and had a gift for solving the most elusive technical issues. Simon was solid and you could always rely on him.

He will be sadly missed but most of all I will miss that magic smile he had that just lit up everything around him.” ~ Paul Grill

We are so grateful to the outpouring of support.  Thank you for taking the time out to write to us.  It is obvious how much Simon touched you.

Here is what Rochelle Henry, a long term customer, wrote.  I’m sharing her words with permission.

 “I am shocked and saddened to hear of the loss within the Infosol family.  I am extending heartfelt condolences at this time as we remember someone who was a hard worker, someone who stood on principles and a mentor to his co-workers at Infosol as well as all the companies he has worked.

I first met Simon in 2009 when he was assigned to work at Banner Health. Our paths crossed again at Rural/Metro and his latest assignment at Mobile Mini.

Simon was a valuable and highly respected member of any team he became a part of. The effects of his loss are being felt already by those of us who had the honor and pleasure of working with him.” ~Rochelle Henry

There is no question that Simon was a valuable member of our team.  This week, at work, it has been a practice in learning to pause. Something we don’t do much of but should.

This week has also been a reminder for us to take time to tend to our heart, not just our work.

And, we have had so many moments where we have had to take turns listening to each other reminisce and remind each other to breathe.

Even if you did not know Simon, I encourage you to pause – I know you may be in the middle of something – but it’s so very important to feel what you feel and to tend to your heart right now.  Please breathe.  I still have to keep reminding myself to breathe.  Say a prayer if you feel like it.  Hug someone you love and hold them a bit longer than you normally do.  Life has a way of reminding us of its fragility.

Simon left us way too early.

Now, if you really knew Simon, you would know that he was very happy with a beer in his hand.  And it is in that spirit that we have decided to hold a Celebration of Life to honor him and console each other.  Here are the details:

Simon Boxall – Celebration of Life Gathering

5:30 PM – Tuesday August 1st, 2017.

The Persian Garden Café, 1335 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013


If you knew Simon, we would love it if you could join us.  If you wish, you can also drop any of us an email to let us know you’re coming.  This is a private event and it will help us plan better.

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