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Web Intelligence Version 6.1 – Alerters

Alerters are available in v6.5, however, if using the earlier version, you might find the following techtip useful.

Alerters are used in the full client tool to apply conditional formatting. Although Alerters are not available in WebIntelligence as a toolbar button and interface, like they are in the full client, it is possible to produce a similar result with the if() function and the “Read as HTML” cell property.

For example, if you want revenue that is greater than 6000 to appear in italics, and you want revenue less than or equal to 6000 to appear in bold type, you must first set the formula using the if() function as follows.

=If ([Revenue]>6000;”<i>”+[Revenue]+”</i>”;”<strong>”+[Revenue]+”</strong>”)

This uses the HTML tags <i> to apply the italics formatting and <strong> to apply the bold type formatting.

The next step is to set the cell properties vertical tab to Read as HTML.

Saving this report and opening it in InfoView, you will see the cells contents read as HTML revealing your requested conditional formatting!

For IIS, an issue exists when setting the properties of a tag for HTML. For instance, an IIS will return an error when trying to set colors with the FONT tag like this:

The formula above, however, does work with WebIntelligence on Tomcat web servers.

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